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Touch Therapy

Desensitization Therapy

designed for those who are

uncomfortable with touch

Touch is one of our 5 dominant human senses and

is necessary for physical survival and mental health.

But unfortunately, many of us suffer from some level of anxiety and fear

of touching or being touched by others.

If you are uncomfortable with touch and intimacy

you are at a great disadvantage in health.

Touch & Touch Therapy has been scientifically proven to:

Lower Stress & Anxiety Levels

Aid in Treating Depression

Reduce Blood Pressure

Help Regulate Insulin Levels

Regulate Hormones

Regulate the Digestive System

Help with Autism & HDD/HDHD 

Help Newborn Babies To Thrive

and More.

Hesitancy to connect through touch most always carries over to have negative effects

in, not only your romantic relationships, but also in

your career, mental health, energy levels, and daily life.

Touch therapy, is most often, but not always, effectively combined with counseling sessions.

This form of hands on therapy is beneficial for those who have an aversion to touch (don't like to be touched)

or who have trouble with giving and receiving physical affection and intimacy.

Each individual treatment plan and session is geared towards the individual client's

needs, and level of comfort.  There is a hands on and talk therapy component to each session.

Touch therapy is best when utilized as a therapeutic program.  

Programs are made up of treatment intervals,

each having eight 45min-1hr sessions conducted on a weekly basis. 

As sessions progress, clients explore their boundaries and fears associated with being close to others.  

Session Duration: 45mins - 1hr

Individuals: BMD/$350

(your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $80)

Couples: BMD/$450

(your out of pocket costs could be as low as ($0)

Intuitive Touch Therapy

counseling through massage

Counseling is not an easy concept for most of us who have never been,

or who are unfamiliar with how and why it works.  

It can be understandably overwhelming to have to sit and share

your inner most thoughts & feelings, and private matters with a stranger.

This is where Cognitive Touch Therapy comes to the rescue.

Dr. Nekia combines systematic touch with talk therapy

to achieve an integrative approach to counseling sessions.

Specific and sequential touch timed throughout sessions helps clients to

relax & recall important memories, events, thoughts, and emotions.

Anxiety and fear associated with the conscious mind is one of the biggest stumbling blocks

to success through counseling; but it has been found that the more relaxed the client feels

is the more your mind will allow you to feel safe

which translates into you knowing that it is ok receive direction,

and talk through your problems.

 *the more you talk is the more effective counseling will be for you*

Sessions are performed fully clothed

and the "massage" portion is accompanied by

Binaural Entrainment, Isochronic Tones, or Solfeggio Resonance.

These scientific tones and music can be very relaxing,

and is a form of sound therapy that allows for your brain to quiet your mind

for effective therapy.  

This is the preferred method without clients having to undergo hypnosis.

Session Duration: 1hr - 1hr 30mins

Price per Session: BMD/$320

(your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $50)

Pricing based on Major Medical Insurance Coverage.  

Exact out of pocket cost will depend on your individual coverage.

Please inquire about pricing if you are uninsured.

Argus, HIP, FC, & GEHI

may not provide coverage of treatments.

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