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Appointment Guidelines

Time:  Please arrive on time to your appointments. (do not arrive more than 10 minutes early or 15 minutes late)

Cancellations:  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please give at lease 48 hours notice.  Last minute rescheduling, cancellations, no shows, and late shows will cause you to still be responsible for paying for your appointment that you could not attend.

Payment: Dr. Nekia accepts health insurance from Argus (for Acu-Psyc clients only), BF&M, and Colonial Ins.  Please check with you provider to make sure that you are covered.  Dr. Nekia only accepts cash, and online bank transfer as forms of payment.  You will be billed monthly for your sessions.  A 5% penalty fee for the cost of your appointment will be added to any bill overdue by 30days.

Tips: Tips are welcome for all massage and manual therapy services.


Preparation:  Be sure that you are prepared to be open and honest with Dr. Nekia.  Counseling only works when you are willing to have an open mind, trust the process, and are willing to share information.  Also, be sure that your body is clean and well groomed if receiving manual therapy. This allows for a more pleasant and safe treatment/massage experience for both you as the the client and Dr. Nekia as your therapist.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding body hair please let Dr. Nekia know.  Some treatments such as Gua Sha and Cupping may require you to shave an area of your body prior to your treatment.


           1. No negative, harmful, or forceful physical contact shall be made between couples.

            2. Although arguments during a session is quiet normal, please keep shouting and vulgar language to a minimum.

            3. Have an open mind and trust the process.

            4. The more honest you are and the more information that you give, is the better Dr. Nekia can help you.

            5. This is a non-judgmental safe space.

            6. CONFIDENTIALITY IS ALWAYS A PRIORITY, and your legal right!

            7. Counseling is NOT life coaching or self help.  It is a scientific approach to mental/emotional health intended to guide you to your place                   of healing.  Some sessions will leave you feeling amazing, while others may have you angered or saddened.  This is normal as you                       uncover traumas and mental habits that you will need to break free from.


            1. Acupuncture is a great relaxation technique that when combined with counseling, can help you to feel less anxious.

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