Intimacy Therapy



gender identity    fetishism    sexual trauma

relationship trauma   infidelity 

Marriage  singles  relationship  divorce  widowed

Anxiety  depression

 Grief     Fear of Commitment     Fear of Intimacy     Dispute Resolution     Lack of Communication     Sexual Dysfunction

Providing confidential counseling services in a welcoming non-judgmental safe environment.

Initial (first)  Session:         BMD/$275   1hr 30mins               (your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $113)

Follow-Up Sessions:          BMD/$215   1hr - 1hr 15mins          (your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $53)

Acu-Counseling:                BMD/$300  1hr20 - 1hr40mins  ( your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $53)

                                  Acupuncture has been known to have relaxing, anti-depressant, anti-insomnia, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic effects.  A few

                                  key points combined with your counseling session greatly enhances the effectiveness of each session.  Dr. Nekia has personally

                                  found that clients who take advantage of this service experience the best results and she HIGHLY recommends it.  Each

                                  treatment is tailored to the individual client for their session specific to that day.

                                  She is the only person in Bermuda who offers this customized therapeutic treatment.

Group Session:*                  BMD/$150 per hr

(girls'/guys' night in, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, private events, corporate events)

* Max 8 persons.  Inquire for bookings and pricing for larger groups and events

Pricing based on Major Medical Insurance Coverage.  

Exact out of pocket cost will depend on your individual coverage.

Please inquire about pricing if you are uninsured.


do not provide coverage of treatments.