Massage Therapy


Meridian Massage*                        BMD/$160 (your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $75)

De-stresses and balances the mind & body for overall wellbeing.    45mins

Girlfriend Massage*                         BMD/$200 (your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $115) 

Popular among singles who want to unwind after a hard day's work. A personalized massage designed to intentionally hit all the right achy spots, without being too clinical.  It's the kind of massage that you would appreciate receiving from your girlfriend.   60mins

Sensual Massage                                 BMD/$300-375 (your out-of-pocket cost could be as low as $215)

A total body head to toe massage that stimulates the senses while it relaxes the body.  A sensual mood is set through soft lighting, tantric music, and the use of premium silky organic body butter.  Slow soft strokes and fingertips are used along with gentle reflexology to stimulate the sexual and reproductive organs.  This is a truly an intimate massage experience that covers every inch of your body, and is enjoyed by those who are looking to release emotional stress, sooth anxiety, or address sexual contention.   60mins or 90mins

*Excludes the groin and genitals

Pricing based on Major Medical Insurance Coverage.  

Exact out of pocket cost will depend on your individual coverage.

Please inquire about pricing if you are uninsured.


do not provide coverage of treatments.

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